Trump Vs. The Swamp, Mind Molders, Mendacious Media, Prodigal Press, & Cesspool

As a young, clumsy high school sophomore, I recall someone describing an individual as “a man’s man.” Though unsure of its meaning, I inferred that it was to compliment an individual who was superior in qualities like leadership, courage, tenacity, strength, perseverance, wisdom, perhaps in loyalty, kindness, even charitable, all qualities which other men would easily admire.

The Swamp Establishment of our nation’s government has shown incivility, unending ineffectiveness, often greed, corruption, deviancy, and low regard for truth and integrity. Yet, in their piety, they persist in hindering the President’s good intentions and policies, characterizing it with their own low use of truth and wisdom because it fails to comport with their preferred agenda, even agitating for harassment of the President’s family and followers and disbelievingly suggesting impeachment and even a military coup.

Most notable, as an example, is the opposition’s Main-Man Mueller, who for two years now, to support his failed case, has been investigating the President, and spending millions of taxpayer’s monies in payments to his band of lawyers of the opposition party, with nary a hint of evidence of “collusion” with the Russians to sway our elections. It seems their intention is to oppose and smear the President no matter what the cost, no matter what the truth.

Not a surprise from the Democratic Party that actually had the name of God removed from their party platform in 2012. Later, their one mention of God was reinstated only when the Republicans were very vocal in their criticism. Still, when the one reference to God was reinstated into their platform, it was met with resounding boos and chaos on their convention floor. Perhaps the Democratic Party has no need for God. One must ask, do they practice atheism? Many of their policy pursuits suggest that’s true.

The Democrats, of course, are the ones who have pushed for the redefinition of marriage to be something other than between a man and woman though nature, biology, anatomy, logic, the Bible, and the historical record of the human existence declares otherwise. The Dems, too, through some of their leaders, would like to redefine religion as belief that is based on polls, their preferences, and political expediencies. Nancy Pelosi, for one, feels no reserve in lecturing the Pope on his defense of the right-to-life and for upholding traditional marriage. She seems to be OK with her Dem party leaders who advocate late term abortion up until birth and allowing born survivors of botched abortions to die by withholding life support feeding and care. You probably know that Dems have voted more than fifty times against a bill in the House of Representatives that would have protected and forbidden the killing of newborn babies who survive abortions. And recently, we have the ultimate dismissal of God as the sacred overseer to oaths validating testimony before a select House Committee by Mrs. Pelosi.

Not to be outdone, the Mind Molders of Academia, who have been indoctrinating and proselytizing the future leaders of our nation in their classrooms with their Socialist/Marxist worldview for decades, have been unabashed in their disdain for our President. Several of their radicals even suggesting to do him harm. So goes the love of country when our academic elites, full of arrogance and devoid of common sense, believe they are the messianic ones who possess the wisdom and rationale for regulating our culture, national security, and societal order, while castigating the common man as deplorable and dumb and attempting to embarrass his opinions, faith, and free speech.

Then, too, what would our nation be without our Mendacious Media that have been setting historic records for retractions of falsehoods, misleading quotes, and unfounded accounts in their reporting, while targeting and smearing people of faith, voters and supporters of the President, the President’s family, officials of his administration, former business associates, and anyone who would simply hope to see the President successful.

Incidentally, has anyone ever studied the worldview of the Prodigal Press? (Marvin Olasky’s term – notable since the Media and Press together have largely become the megaphones of the Socialist, Democratic, Liberal agenda.)

Years ago, in the only survey of its kind among 240 reputable journalists, 86 % had never been churched, 90% found abortion acceptable as a right, 70 % held views of the normalcy of the homosexual lifestyle, 54 % opined adultery is acceptable, 85 % vote Democratic, and most believe in the Utopian philosophy of man that bigger government and education will lead us to the perfect society because of their already discredited notions of the “nobility” of man.

And let’s not forget to mention that Cesspool of critics of the President that collectively qualify as the quagmire of our nation’s cultural degeneracy – the arts and entertainment industry.

In earlier history, two trends developed in art world, one in the 1700’s during the so-called Enlightenment, wherein art became more independent from moral traditions and religious restraints, and in the 1800’S during the so-called Secession.

In 1897, an artist’s movement “The Vienna Secession” took place in Vienna Austria, as part of a larger Secession trend with conclaves in Munich and Berlin. Although begun that way, it changed from a solely architectural movement to include visual arts and then, virtually, art of all types. They evolved as an anti-academic and anti-traditional movement where the range of any art form was encouraged and legitimized. There were no longer restraints to any specific artistic or architectural style.

Artists began isolating themselves into art communities and collegially and collectively became indifferent to public values. Art became decidedly more secular and more “private” and “internal” to the artist – virtually ignoring public tastes, often seeking shock value. Many artists lost all sense of community as the source and substance of art simply became the mind of the artist, not life reality or intelligible experiences. They often ignored the needs of the audience, became anarchical to standards, and predictably advocatory in promoting their own agenda and worldview.

Hence, now years later, we have our own arts and entertainment anarchists in a triple whammy – promoting their worldview, advocating for their agenda while appealing often to all the basest appetites of their audience for their self-aggrandizement and profit. Traditional and religious limits or constraints are slandered by them as they push to extend boundaries in visuals, morals, and dialogue and desensitize standards of public tastes. And what worldview do they advocate? Naturally, it’s the Socialist, Democratic, Liberal perspective which makes them unblinkingly hostile to the President and his agenda. More so, since the President, who admittedly was once of their company, has abandoned his former lifestyle to reform and transform into a more traditional and conventional family man, ethical businessman, citizen, and patriot.

Considering the widespread ferocity and virtually inhumane, mob-mentality opposition on so many fronts to his vision, his unwavering leadership, persistence, tenacity, and courage in continuing to function with confident speed, unabashedly and determinedly as President and Commander-in–Chief, President Trump may not qualify for the Nobel Prize, but for the poise and steadfastness he exhibits in the face of his deranged detractors, he surely deserves consideration, as he fearlessly governs onward, to be designated as “a man’s man”.

Love,                                                                                                                                                          Joe Rogowski                                                                                                                                            “Life is a special occasion”                                                                                                                           Hallmark Corporation

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