Of Dems and Demons

A friend of mine when speaking of politics refers to those of the Democratic Party as “Dems” and of the Republican Party as “Repubs.” When he does that, I’m always driven to wonder if “Dems” is the actual root word for “Demons.” I’m not saying that the “Dems” are “Demons” but they sure do seem to be doing the Demons work.

The “Dems” as you know actually had the name of God removed from their party platform in 2012. One mention of God was reinstated only when the Repubs spent the next morning criticizing the Dems for removing God from their party platform before the elections. Still, when the one reference to God was reinstated, it was met with resounding boos and chaos on their convention floor. The Repubs platform mentioned God 12 times.

The Dems, of course, are the ones who have pushed for the redefinition of marriage to be something other than between a man and woman though nature, biology, anatomy, logic, the Bible, and the historical record of the human existence declares otherwise. One wonders why a Christian baker is compelled to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple at the risk of losing his business when a homosexual baker can refuse to bake a cake for Christians. And now we have the specter of the Dems full-on assault on traditional religion with their affirmation of Humanism as their approved godless religion.                                                                 https://www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/democrats-pass-resolution-applauding-nonreligious-americans-criticizing-churchgoers.html

The Dems, too, through some of their leaders, would like to redefine religion as belief that is based on their preferences, and political expediencies. Nancy Pelosi, for one, feels no reserve in lecturing the Pope on his defense of the right-to-life and for upholding traditional marriage. She seems to be OK with her Dem party leaders who advocate late term abortion up until birth and even allowing born survivors of botched abortions to die by withholding life support feeding and care. You probably know that 177 Dems voted against a bill in the House of Representatives that would have protected and forbidden the killing of newborn babies who survive abortions. In Virginia, we even have a pediatric-physician governor who has advocated that same Dem policy.

And it is the Dems, who declare that videos ought to be condemned that exposed the practices of Planned Parenthood in the marketing of body parts of aborted fetuses, rather then condemn what the videos reveal about the heinous practices of Planned Parenthood.

How the Dems can be O.K. with attempts to abolish our homeland protective I.C.E. agency, while ignoring the dangers posed by MS-13 criminal gangs, sanctuary cities, the illegal crossings of our borders, “resistance” protestors and thugs – and even encouraging them, seeking means to eliminate the Electoral College safeguards in our national elections, and even the Constitution is some cases, and advocating socialism over capitalism, is surely mystifying from a national security and love of country standpoint. Shockingly, Dems Tim Kaine, Abigail Spanberger, and Debra Rodman of Virginia fall in with that suspicious crowd.

It’s hard for me to understand why, from a moral standpoint, anyone questions how someone can support President Trump when he champions every issue we should support. The President supports low taxes, national security, strong military, our NATO partners increasing their share of costs, the rule of law, support for law enforcement, appointment of constitutional judges, legal immigration, increased border surveillance with a wall, jobs at every level for every people group, a booming economy with millions elevated off food stamps and unemployment at a 50-year low, unmatched return of U.S. hostages, champion of free speech, 2nd amendment, religious freedom, right-to-life and the war on human trafficking, moved U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, support for Israel, improved trade agreements to be more fair to USA; cancelled the Iran agreements, the war on ISIS, and so on, all according to his promises. So based on his awesome successes in such an incredibly short time, I’ve come to trust him on even on some issues I might not yet totally understand. Despite the media claims, none of the Dem’s lame, primary candidates has the same vision and fortitude. I believe President Trump has been a God-send for the protection of our nation. I’ve had enough of those Dems. I’m sticking with Trump, the Repubs and prayers.
Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”
Hallmark Corporation

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