Conspicuous Capitol Chaos!

Like most Americans, I was concerned by the violence that I watched at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. But I had a difficult time trying to understand what was happening. Trump supporters are almost always extremely peaceful, but many of those that were storming the Capitol were being very violent. That didn’t make sense to me.   How in the world did protesters get into the U.S. Capitol in the first place ?//??

It turns out that the police actually opened up the barricades that were surrounding the U.S. Capitol and purposely allowed protesters to storm the building.  You can see this on video right here…/ Has anyone ever seen anything like this? And once they were inside the building, they were directed toward particular areas.  For example, you can watch one “guard” actually lead protesters up several flights of stairs right here.. Either the U.S. Congress has the worst security personnel that any of us have ever seen, or this was allowed to happen on purpose.

And there are multiple reports that Antifa activists were brought in by bus.  In fact, one patriot actually recorded video of the Antifa buses that were brought into the heart of Washington D.C. with an escort… So who arranged for those Antifa buses to have that sort of an escort?

It is as if someone was extremely determined to get those Antifa activists to their location so that they could do their disruptive work. Once they got inside the Capitol, the Antifa activists could have done a much better job of disguising themselves.  In fact, one has already been positively identified as a member of Philly Antifa.

If he wanted to pass as a “Trump supporter”, he probably should have covered up the hammer and sickle that are tattooed on the back of his hand…

Perhaps the most famous “protester” from the chaos on Wednesday is “the guy with the Viking horns”.

It turns out that he was photographed at a BLM rally in Arizona wearing the exact same outfit back in June…And he was also photographed at a “climate activism” event in 2019

Apparently his name is Jake Angeli and he is a “shamanic practitioner.”  But on Wednesday he was posing as a hardcore Trump supporter. So why hasn’t the mainstream media put any of these pieces together? It shouldn’t take too much detective work to identify a lot of these people. Why won’t the MSM do it?

And how is it that the police let the vast majority of the “protesters” go without arresting them once it was all over? The mainstream media is insisting that “they will be arrested later.” Doesn’t all this seem odd??

Just as the debate over the evidence of election fraud and irregularities was about to begin in the halls of Congress, these riots conveniently broke out. Members of Congress were quickly evacuated, and the millions of Americans that were watching never got to see an honest debate about the 2020 election. When proceedings finally resumed, the entire atmosphere had completely changed, and all of a sudden hardly anyone was interested in debating whether the election results were legitimate or not.

So who actually benefitted from the riots? It is important to note that these riots have dealt severe damage to the political reputation of President Trump to the delight of his adversaries and MSM.

So with one stone, activists have neutralized the debate over the legitimacy of the election and they have impugned the Trump movement as well. (Smearing Trump’s followers has long been an advocacy of Chuck Schumer. Schumer; World, anti-Christian article, mccarthyism  It appears that someone really was playing “pin the tail on the Elephant,” and it wasn’t Trump and his supporters.

And this is just the beginning.  The radical left will never be satisfied until they accomplish all of their goals. Electing Joe Biden was just a way to get rid of Trump.  The radical left actually doesn’t like Biden either, and they will fight him bitterly if Biden does not go along with their full agenda. In the end, what they want is a full-blown transformation – better called “revolution” – in this country.  And as we witnessed on Wednesday, they will go to extreme lengths.

Love, Joe Rogowski “Life is a special occasion”

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