The Rising Tide of LGBTQ Protests and Civil Terrorism

In our present day culture, daily reports of aggressive, militant, and violent action of groups or individuals, driven by an oppressive hostility and political correctness against our civil institutions, social order, people of faith, holders of opposing political views, and even ordinary school children, grow in such numbers, frequency, and cruelty that they can only be characterized as “civil terrorism.”

Nowhere is this seen more than in any of our public forums, and our political discourse and interactions on any given day on any given topic.

This accelerating rise of rebellious and selfish behavior of these groups borders on anarchical. Their intent is to generate passivity, timidity, and fear in targeted populations, like the Church, conservatives, people of faith and even law abiding citizens, for opposing their ideologies and to pressure them into submission and silence.

As of July, 2018, Brietbart news organization has compiled a list of over 600 instances of harassment, intimidation, coercion, and violent acts of every form against such targets as teenagers, seniors, veterans, even military, single women, clergy, and opposing political figures and their families. By news accounts, that list has grown appreciably since then.

It is well documented that main line Democrat/Liberal leaders such as Maxine Waters, former vice-presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Andrew Cuomo, Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and countless others have incited this crudity with their incendiary calls for “resistance” against the present administration, its membership, its citizen proponents, its voters and followers, ranking office holders and their families, and even against religious and conservative leaders and adherents. They virtually sanction the disruptive tactics of such terror groups like Antifa and MS 13, and the militant Black Lives Matter and abortion factions. Currently, without stop, they attempt to overturn the legitimate election of the President with failed allegations of misconduct at every level, domestic or foreign, under any pretext.

Who can forget Nancy Pelosi lecturing the Pope with her demented view on Christian doctrine and Lois Lerner’s IRS secret targeting of conservative groups. Planned Parenthood and its supporters, of course, carry on their own unique form of civil terror.

This despicable behavior snowballs and then gives boost to the simple-minded to spit on the President’s son and insult members of Congress in restaurants, harass President staffers while fulfilling their duties to say nothing of hoodlums taunting weaker folks in fast food places, out shopping in malls, or on strolls in parks. And who can forget the attack on Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, one of the most principled members of Congress, who was assaulted in his own back yard, suffering three broken ribs. He still suffers with some breathing difficulties. His terror stricken wife now carries a hand gun.

Among the most egregious occurrences of civil terror has been against students or school faculty on college campuses. Instances of violence or threats against conservative students – and sometimes even conservative professors – are becoming commonplace even at some of America’s most prestigious universities, now crumbling pillars of free expression and thought. Students advocating Right-to-Life issues  are attacked, beaten, and their campus displays savaged without equal protection.  A recent speech by former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’  at the formerly prestigious Northwestern University was disrupted by thuggery student protests. Sessions was brought to the Chicago-area school by a campus group, the Northwestern University College Republicans.

This trend is even seen expanding to the high school level. Is it unrealistic to consider that our rash of high school shootings flow within this stream of civil terrorism – students enforcing their own brand of “resistance” actions to express their hatred of society’s restraints on their selfish and demented whims?

Nothing reveals our culture’s civil terror more than that perpetrated by the homosexual/ transgender groups against ordinary Americans, not because of their political beliefs but because of their religious beliefs. As a protected class by positivistic, godless laws, LGBTQ groups use their power and influence to inflict unrestrained, catastrophic damage to ordinary citizens with attacks on their wage earning livelihoods and small businesses.  They threaten litigation against whole communities unsubmissive to their demands. Companies are pressured to drop their sponsorships of conservative TV programs.

Epitomizing this fractious behavior is the recent U.S. women’s World Cup soccer team, laden with lesbian/homosexuals, attacking the very foundations and principles of the country they’re supposed to represent while excluding players of opposing lifestyle views from qualifying for the team. In our punishing politically correct environment, with the protection of positivistic law, LGBTQs have the tools of control over societal personal freedoms, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. LGBTQ groups use their repressive and restrictive tactics to promote their own special interests and agenda with impunity, protected by laws unfounded and unchecked by religious influence and morals. Pastors and Christian activists known for protesting Drag Queen Story Hour events at libraries and abortion policies were recently ridiculed and mocked at a fundraiser for the abortion advocate, Planned Parenthood.

These current reactionary movements, nurtured by the mind molders of academia, the degenerate arts and entertainment industry, and the mendacious media that portray themselves as ennobled, patriotic “resistance” warriors, are implicitly, by definition, “rebellion” in its raw and ugly form. In their gross selfish and deranged mentality, their behavior is the specious rejection of all authority – moral, religious, magisterial, rule of law, law enforcement, logic, expert opinion, voter and legal judicial outcomes, universal and traditional heritage, and even a renunciation of true justice. On a national level, they refuse to acknowledge that the President won his office by all legal and necessary lawful means. They refuse to acknowledge that he is leading the country in its wellbeing successfully in every category and index.

The hostile actions of these groups can only be viewed as an ultimate indifference or even consent to the looming, mortal, disastrous impact on our societal harmony, successful social order, and national stability. Their selfishness and lust for power flows without restraint. Resistance isn’t their strategy, rebellion is. Their method is civil terrorism. And they enjoy the virtual sanction of the Democratic Party with its financial supporters, our liberal, extremist organizations, and our activist, biased judiciary.

Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”
Hallmark Corporation

Is Our Humanity Being Exploited?

One can have a hard time understanding how any caring parent could contemplate putting their children at risk by coming here illegally to break the law when they know the zero-tolerance policy that is in place and its enforcement so widely announced. What irresponsibility on the part of parents are we willing to condone, excuse, and reward in allowing them to use their own children as gambling chips and leverage in this whole movement to circumvent and subvert our laws? These parents are not only illegals but aren’t they criminally derelict and abusive toward their children in handling and exposing them this way?

And how is it possible for these supposed “asylum seekers” from Guatemala and Honduras, for example, to traverse 2,500 miles of Mexican territory to reach our borders when, if they’re in need of asylum, they have had it the minute they cross into Mexico? Or is it that they demand the luxury of deciding where and how they’re going to attain their asylum and snub the asylum that is readily available right at the border in Mexico – a setting and environment more culturally and linguistically appropriate?

Then too, how is it they are able to make those long arduous trips? Who is supplying their food, medical needs, transport, housing, etc., and moving them along vast distances with the prospects of reaching our borders to pressure and weaken our resources and national security? What human trafficking arrangement are they operating under? Or the DNC? Or the Clinton Foundation? Or is Mexico in collusion by facilitating this trafficking?

Most of us are familiar with the call of Jesus to help the poor and some of us have spent a measurable amount of time trying to do that. Obscuring the real issue of national security by ignoring the potential for law-breaking behavior, drug smuggling, camouflaged criminal element, and terror inherent in these population movements, while attempting to promote seedbeds of guilt with emotional pitch among law-abiding and well-intentioned folk is disingenuous.

Sinister forces would attempt to prevail on us to give…give…and give until we give away our ability to give. It would lessen our strength and ability for good in this world and be a form of national suicide. Forces that understand our respect for life and human dignity set out to exploit our humanity by fabricating and manipulating situations to goad feelings of guilt in us to weaken our will and have us yield on our realistic warranties for safety, security, and surety for our loved ones, our nation and posterity. It is fitting, proper, lawful, and essential to have safeguards and expect orderly and legal entry into our country.

Love,                                                                                                                                                    Joe Rogowski                                                                                                                                      “Life is a special occasion”                                                                                                                              Hallmark Corporation