Is There No Conscience In Thee?

Conscience is a strange thing. It’s severely perplexing to try and understand the value system of the Liberal/ Democratic/Socialist Party. They rant and rave in sanctimonious fashion over babies and children alleged as being separated from their parents illegally and lawlessly entering at the border. Incessant claims that the President has “ripped babies nursing from their mother’s breasts” go on routinely in the duplicitous effort to demonize the President.

Yet they rant and rave over looming Supreme Court selections to protect their so-called right to kill their babies before they are born. Vicious campaigns, oftentimes with threatened violence, to derail the recent appointments of Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett to the Supreme Court typified the deranged mentality of these abortion crusaders,

Then too, in an uncommon display of their hypocrisy, they rise to applaud and give a standing ovation over their passage of laws permitting the termination of babies about to be born just a moment’s stroke before delivery. Their genuflection at the altar of Planned Parenthood only confirms their specious and terrifying regard for the sanctity and value of human life. As if that wasn’t enough, in their perversity, they seek laws in Virginia allowing for the practice of infanticide and manslaughter of newborns even after their survival of an abortion attempt..

Sure wish they’d develop a conscience!

Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”