Why Eating More Chicken Isn’t Enough!

Can you imagine that this country has become a place where the homosexual community has the clout to shut down airports and college campuses from issuing franchises to a wholesome company like Chick-Fil-A for no reason other than that they believe in the religious truth of traditional marriage?

Our politicians and the activism of our judiciary are decreeing an attack on rightly protected religious belief in our country, while weakening legal protections for marriage by creating a non-constitutional protected class in the LGBTQ community.

The LGBTQ community is so protected by “positivistic” law it can initiate malicious boycotts, and bankrupting lawsuits against Christians, religious groups, small family businesses and social groups with impunity, without fear of being charged with their sinister form of social tyranny and hate crimes.

Positivistic law imposes political correctness on the public through dictatorial politics rather than ethics, morals, justice, or natural law. Individual freedom is quashed by their intolerance, controlling power, and their sympathizing, hostile forces of media, academia, and celebrities that wage war against religious and political liberties. Ignoring the constitutional protections of the people is routine as they willingly oblige the dictates of their like-minded financial supporters. This type of law is what upholds the LGBTQ as a protected class, in attacking religious belief as only a cover-up for discrimination. Thus, freedom of religion, as expressed in the belief of traditional marriage, though constitutionally protected, is overruled.

The usual response of people of faith and most conscientious citizens to these menacing attempts by the homosexual community, activist judges, and spineless politicians in their suppression of religious and public freedoms, has been to respond with added patronage and increased business toward a company like Chick-Fil-A. While increasing its revenue through added patronage is highly commendable and supportive of Chick-Fil-A, the generous action of “eating more chicken” does not really get to the root of the problem – the imposition of rigid, dictatorial, political correctness on the people while unjustly  favoring protected groups like the LGBTQ.

Unless our political leaders, conscientious citizens, and people of faith become stouthearted in reversing these contemptible corrosions of our customs, culture, and freedoms, we could witness a new holocaust that may not be far off. The “gates of hell,” after all, are stationary. The promise is that they will not prevail under righteous outrage and action. Prayer is a weapon. But even Moses faced a time when he got off his knees and got the people moving. We have the glorious March for Life and March for Racial Equality. What is needed now is a March for Freedom and a March to Vote the Tyrants Out!

Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion.”
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