So Now…Shall We Point Fingers?

It is within the realm of possibility that the rhetoric of the Liberal, Progressive Democratic Party has contributed to these recent mass shootings with their venomous rhetoric that has been poisoning our culture for the last two and half years.
From the likes of Nany Pelosi’s urging “resistance,” to Maxine Waters’ inflaming “get in their face,” to former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s rabble-rousing “take it to the streets,” to now a host of ambitious presidential wanabees, we have seen an unprecedented agitation toward public wanton, rebellious, aggressive, violent behavior.

It is well documented that main line Democrat/Liberal leaders such as Pelosi, Waters, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Andrew Cuomo, and countless others may have incited this behavior with their incendiary calls for “resistance” against the present administration, its citizen proponents, its voters and followers, ranking office holders and their families, police enforcement, border patrol agents, and even against religious and conservative thought and leaders. They virtually sanction the disruptive tactics of such terror groups like Antifa, MS-13 and the militant Black Lives Matter.

Is it unrealistic to consider that our rash of domestic shootings flow from this stream of unending agitation through the megaphone of the media, that provoke individuals to enact their own form of “resistance,” “in your face,” “take it to the streets” actions to vent their frustrations, hatred and manic impulses on any of society’s targets?

But then there are those who suggest that it is the President’s rhetoric that has provoked this rash of shootings. His vernacular speech and rhetoric often deserves real criticism, for sure, much of which cannot be condoned. But it takes a cynical lack of intellectual integrity to regard the President’s tone and vision with the same moral equivalency as that foisted against him. Where in the breadth and width of our entire culture does the president have any media outlets that come to his defense on any issue?

These current reactionary movements that include not only his political opposition but academia, the arts and entertainment industry, mendacious media, and prodigal press portraying themselves as some kind of ennobled, patriotic “resistance,” are implicitly, by definition, “rebellion” in its raw and ugly form. They refuse to acknowledge that the President won his office by all legal and necessary lawful means. They refuse to acknowledge that he is leading the country in its wellbeing successfully in every category and index. They demonize his efforts to protect and enforce the security of our nation. In their gross selfishness and rage, their behavior can be characterized as rejection of all authority – rule of law, law enforcement, moral, religious, magistrate, logic, expert opinion, voter and legal judicial outcomes, universal and traditional heritage, and even a renunciation of true justice. Their actions can only be viewed as an anarchistic, hostile indifference to the looming, mortal impact on our societal harmony, successful social order, and national stability. Their lust for power flows without restraint. Resistance isn’t their strategy, rebellion is. Such is their pattern of contribution to the anguish and societal decline of our nation.
Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”