What Then Shall Be Our Legacy?

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, after sending the article below on the Democrat tactic and some Christian spokesmen, moralizing in such a way as to discourage Christians from going to the polls to vote because of their dissatisfaction with either candidate, I received this message from a friend on the renowned theologian, Dr. Albert Mohler whom I mentioned in the article as one who previously had sided against Trump on character issues in the 2016 election.

Dr. Mohler, just two days ago, has expressed his contrition for doing so in 2016 with a comprehensive, monumental analysis, in flowing, heartening language as to why he, as a Christian theologian, shall be voting for Donald Trump in this current election. It is unmistakable in its clarity and precision enough to reassure any indecisive Christian of the necessity to vote for the President on any terms. Check for yourself…on the vote and Christian consciencehttps://albertmohler.com/2020/10/27/briefing-10-27-20

Further, as to Pastor John Piper, whom I also mentioned as causing a stir (on Facebook) with his vacillating comments on possibly not voting at all in this election, there is this rebuttal from long time Trump supporter, Dr. Wayne Grudem, seminary professor and theologian and apparently good friend of Pastor Piper.…See Grudem’s article here: https://www.christianpost.com/voices/a-response-to-my-friend-john-piper-about-voting-for-trump.html

and then there is this interview that took place a half-hour after I posted my  e-mail last night from Dick Morris at Newsmax.. https://www.newsmax.com/politics/voters-election-dickmorris-trump/2020/10/28/id/994216/

A principle in the art of war is to disrupt the unity and divide one’s adversaries into separate and weaker factions. Thus, we see that stratagem being employed by components of our culture hostile and adversarial to our sacred values, heritage, and traditions in the current campaign for the office of the President of the United States.

Subtle and devious attacks have been exercised on one of the key elements of the President’s support – the Biblically based, Christian, evangelical community as an attempt to erode his support at the voting booths – perhaps with some success. The attacks are subtle in that evangelicals are not encouraged to vote for the hostile, preferred candidate but to discourage them from voting at all. In this way, evangelicals can mollify their consciences by staying home on election day as they may not be that eager to vote for either of the two candidates, preferring instead to be spiteful for having to vote for what they consider the lesser of two unworthy choices.

How then shall we live, when reputable, national church leaders flirt with decisions to sit out this 2020 election by not exercising their freedom to choose our national leaders and, worse, embarrass their members and followers into doing the same?

First and early on was Christianity Today, then other church leaders like Max Lucado and Albert Mohler, now Pastor John Piper, Joel Belz of World Magazine, and the resurgence of leftist, social commentator Ron Sider and perennial, leftist theologian Jim Wallis (who lied then admitted to being a recipient of George Soros’ funding) take a stand to demoralize Christians from going to the polls.

What motive can these men of high reputation have except to lead the church cowardly and blindly to its loss of freedom of speech, assembly, and constitutional right to free worship. Their protestations of conscience smack of elitist, presumptive, pharisaical, moral authority which does not take into account the lifestyle from which the President derives, where he is at presently, and where with vision, hope, and courage he expects to lead. Their suggestions that they are unable to discern a difference between the candidates and their policies to warrant an endorsement shall make them complicit in the horrific promises that the candidate team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their liberal-socialist Democrats seek to implement should they win the election. These once daunting, evangelical icons will have dissuaded their flocks from upholding the nobility of what the President has accomplished thus far and what he proposes for the future (despite his character flaws that his detractors so sanctimoniously point out).   

With such a potential, disastrous result looming in this election, when such a clear, binary choice exists between the noble policies and accomplishments of President Trump and the bizarre morality of Joe Biden, the Democrat platform, and the insensate pronouncements of Pope Francis that threaten the future conscientious expressions of faith of Bible loving Christians, might we not expect to have a future restructuring and reformation of a socially and culturally passive church, if the President is not re-elected?

One Christian leader stands without hesitation in support of the President. Franklin Graham has been unwavering in his belief and perception that what the future of this nation requires already has been demonstrated heroically in the performance of President Trump.

One other, who so clearly repents of his failure to discern the nobility of President Trump and his unselfish motives and purposes in serving the nation, is Michael Farris, CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom which is a Christian-based advocacy protector of religious freedom and home schooling. He is an evangelical Christian who is also a litigator before US Supreme Court. He recently wrote the following on FaceBook:   “Why I am Voting for Donald Trump in 2020 After Publicly Refusing to do so in 2016” with a lengthy defense of his intended vote and an apologetics affirmation of President Trump. 

With solemn hope and gratitude, it is pointed out that a letter signed by nearly 200 evangelical leaders pushed back against an op-ed in Christianity Today that called for Donald Trump to be removed from office and encouraged Christians to dismiss their support for the President. Among the signatories of that repudiating letter was Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council; Ralph Reed, the president of the Faith and Freedom Coalition; and Paula White Cain, Trump’s longtime spiritual adviser who recently joined the White House staff. And from days past, we ought not forget the courage and heroism of Karol Wojtyla, the Polish model Pope John Paul ll, who spearheaded the eventual collapse of the tyrannical Soviet Union.  

So what say you, Christians?  Shall  your spiritual integrity and Christian witness be impugned by these religious sophists who show little regard for their civic and moral obligations by failing to preserve and uphold the love of neighbor, community, and nation by surrendering to the pretentions of our liberal and secular culture? They not only target the President but by implication also target those who support him as Nero did the followers of Jesus. Christians need to strengthen the things that remain. A vote in a pluralistic society such as ours is our God-given instrument to preserve security, societal stability, harmony, and individual freedom.

By whatever standard, the noble heart and true character of the President has been strikingly revealed in his policies, promises, and performance. God bless the President of the United States.


Joe Rogowski

“Life is a special occasion”

The Real Trump Record

President Trump inherited a stagnant economy, with millions of Americans on welfare and food stamps, with skyrocketing health insurance costs. Weak border security and illegal immigration put the nation at risk with camouflaged criminal and terrorist elements entering and being provided liberal sanctuary cities. Unprecedented attacks were being waged on police and law enforcement. Attacks on religious liberty and traditional values went unchecked as the country became divided by rampant political correctness along ethnic, racial and gender lines.

The president supports the rule of law, law enforcement, national security, reversal of declines in military preparedness with a strong resurgent military. NATO partners increasing their financial share for common defense. Dialogue began with North Korea’s Kim. Avoidance of war over Crimea and Ukraine. His wars on terrorism and defeat of ISIS. Curtailed Obama’s disastrous mid-east policies, decertified the corrupt Iran deal. Achieved unparalleled return of foreign held American hostages.

Supports legal immigration, border surveillance, building a wall. Stopped taxpayer funding of sanctuary cities harboring illegal aliens.

Completed middle-class tax-cuts and increased jobs at every level for every people group including Blacks, Hispanics, and Women, with unemployment at a 50-year low, a booming unprecedented economy with millions elevated off food stamps and the stock market reviving to unprecedented heights with renewed confidence..

Exposed scandals at IRS, promoted cutting taxes, simplified filling out tax returns, started deregulation to release businesses, previously outsourced companies returning back to the mainland, manufacturing recovering, improved and more fair trade agreements, the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, energy independence – U.S. now #1 producer of oil in the world with lessened dependence on Middle East oil..

Unequivocal, positive support for Israel, moved U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. 

Two SCOTUS constitutional, originalist appointments, with a third on the way. Filled 200 overdue federal judgeship vacancies. Maintains strong defense of religious freedom, free speech, right-to-life, traditional values, and the 2nd amendment.

Aggressive reversal of human trafficking and the opioid crisis.

Initiated massive overhaul and increased accountability of the Veteran’s Administration, enacting the Veteran’s Choice Act to shorten wait list times for veterans to undergo medical treatments.

All according to his promises.

Love, Joe Rogowski “Life is a special occasion” …(Hallmark Corporation)