Why We Can Appreciate President Trump

Instead of demonstrating that only those with the highest personal ethics can lead, the Bible is full of examples of craven, ruthless, merciless sinners successfully leading their nations. Yet God chose to use them. 

Was David disqualified from leading Israel because he murdered Uriah in order to take Bathsheba as his wife? Certainly not. In the Psalms, he is called the apple of God’s eye.
Did Joseph undermine his public witness as a prophet of God by serving Pharaoh even as he held the Israelites in captivity? What about Daniel, who served the fantastically pagan Nebuchadnezzar? Or Esther, who married the murderous, libertine emperor Xerxes? Again, the answer is plainly no.

So why do Trump supporters come in for such scorn? Are Trump’s sins greater than any of these? Are they greater than those of many other presidents? Without resorting to Clinton references, shall we recall George H. W. Bush’s or Lyndon Johnson’s or FDR’s reported adultery? How about John F. Kennedy’s serial adulteries in the White House? Warren Harding’s love child? ….So says Chris Buskirk in his commentaryYes, Christians Can Support Trump Without Risk to Their Witness.”   May 8, 2019.

In our present day culture, we are witnessing the rise of the thuggery and brutishness of Nero-types who, since they have not been able to thwart the rise of President Trump and his on-going agenda, regard their sinister strategy now to be attempts to suppress his followers as Nero did the followers of Jesus. The present day COVID-19 crisis has given them every impulsion to attack and threaten church goers, confine them to their homes to prevent any kind of assembly, and overridden their Second amendment and free speech rights with total disdain for their faith-held positions on the right-to-life and rule of law.

Considering the widespread ferocity and mob-mentality opposition on so many fronts to the President’s vision (especially from a mendacious media), his unwavering leadership, persistence, tenacity, and courage in continuing to function with confident speed, unabashedly and determinedly as President and Commander-in–Chief, President Trump may not qualify for the Nobel Prize, but for the poise and steadfastness he exhibits in the face of his deranged detractors, he surely deserves consideration, as he fearlessly governs onward, to be designated as a modern day hero and profile in courage. More so, since the President, who admittedly was once of their company, has abandoned his former lifestyle to reform and transform his life to a more traditional and conventional family man, ethical businessman, citizen, patriot,  and  public servant when he could otherwise be living a life of incredible ease.

The President supports rule of law, law enforcement, national security, reversal of declines in military preparedness with a strong resurgent military, legal immigration, border surveillance, building a wall, low taxes, jobs at every level for every people group with unemployment at a 50-year low, a booming unprecedented economy with millions elevated off food stamps, outsourced companies coming back to the mainland, manufacturing recovering, unparalleled return of foreign held American hostages, improved and more fair trade agreements, NATO partners increasing their financial share for common defense, Obama’s disastrous mid-East policies curtailed, decertified the corrupt Iran deal, dialogue begun with North Korea’s Kim, avoidance of war over Crimea and Ukraine, unequivocal, positive support for Israel, moved US embassy to Jerusalem, three SCOTUS constitutional, originalists appointments, strong defense of religious freedom, free speech, right-to-life, and the 2nd amendment, his wars on Isis,  human trafficking and on the opioid crisis, cutting taxes, deregulation to release businesses, increased the Vet’s Admin accountability, the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and on and on, all according to his promises.

All of this has been stymied, of course, since the rise of COVID -19. But nonetheless, we can rest secure in the way the President has handled the crisis with his assembled team of expert health and economic advisors despite such violent and unrelenting opposition from his political adversaries, detractors, and hostile media seeking to discredit him with false charges of incompetence and ineffectiveness. The President has successfully defined protocols to mobilize and alert 330,000,000 Americans to save lives by hindering the spread of the virus.

His vernacular speech and conduct often deserves true criticism, sure, but berating him and harping on his former life that is no longer evident is holding him hostage to his past which none of us could withstand under such scrutiny to our personal lives. The President gives every indication that he has reformed and dedicated his life and even his income to the service of the nation, thereby earning sizeable forgiveness for not being so spiritually minded that he’d be no earthly good in a pluralistic, disparate society such as ours. A divided nation, apparently, is his cross to bear. Yet, too, the President has displayed a genuine humility in his oft recognition of our need and dependence on a higher spiritual power.

God Bless the President of the United States.                                                                          Joe Rogowski                                                                                                                            “Life is a special occasion!”                                                                                                                          Hallmark Corporation                                                                       http://www.mindingthetimes.com