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The Mind Molders and the Socialism Express

With my looming graduation from a Catholic, Jesuit high school in 1955, we were cautioned by the religious faculty to avoid enrolling at a secular university, if possible, because of the suspected growing philosophical Marxist and Communist influence occurring at many universities in those days – most notably at our local one.

If the Marxist philosophical slant was a growing menace at our universities at that time, it certainly has had plenty of time to establish itself in the 60 years since. Unmistakably, we are experiencing its increased visibility and palpability in our political discourse as the arrival of the millennial graduates from that Marxist environment at our universities now takes place in our society and culture. We can easily attribute credit for the rise of socialist ideas to the Mind Molders of Academia, who, for decades, have been indoctrinating and proselytizing the future leaders of our nation with their romanticized Socialist/Marxist worldview that now makes its intrusion into our nation’s conventional treasury of ideas. Bernie Sanders and his protégés are capitalizing on that insertion.

Many from Academia have been unabashed in their disdain for our President. Several of their radicals even suggesting to do him harm. So goes love of country when our academic elites, arrogant and devoid of common sense, believe they possess the ultimate wisdom and rationale for safeguarding our national security and societal order, reproaching the common man as dumb and deplorable in attempts to embarrass his opinions, faith, free speech, and freedoms, while ignoring the historical brutalities of past suppressive, murderous, socialist regimes.

Socialism, in reality, hardly gains a platform without its hostile, specious attacks on Capitalism as an evil system. Although Capitalism has no inherent morality as a system, critics attack the system instead of the selfishness that lurks within the hearts of individuals operating within it, just as in any other system and any uncircumcised heart. Current university students, burdened with demanding study schedules and tuition debt, have neither the time nor inclination to critically research and analyze the historic documented failures of former and current socialist/communist societies. Thus, they and our current millennials remain historically illiterate in need of setting in motion a resurrection of their dormant enquiry.

Most discouraging is to hurtfully admit that, while once the prophetic voice of opposition to the growing menace of Socialism, Catholic academic status has been losing its luster with its capitulation and, indeed, mutation to something of a sanctuary for fomenting notions of socialism. Nowhere is this more evident than at the historically iconic Catholic university that we cite here only as an example – Villanova.

What might be characterized as a manifesto of sorts, associate professor Eugene McCarraher of Villanova has published a commentary in The Nation in its section entitled Disaster Capitalism (JUNE 8, 2011), which features its usual criticisms of anything not liberal or not progressive. In “The End of Capitalism and the Wellsprings of Radical Hope,” McCarraher writes, “Capitalism in any form compels us to be greedy, callous and petty. Instead of reinventing it, we should replace it.”

In a nutshell, Professor McCarraher suggests that capitalism compels us to be evil, that socialism is more compassionate, its implementation will bring us to a supposed, greater level of virtue than capitalism, and that a redistribution of wealth will bring a greater state of justice and equality. He does not dwell on the cruel socialist regimes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Kin Jung Un and others nor on the Holocaust, gulags, Cambodia, Rwanda and others. R.G. Collingwood, in his autobiography, suggests that if humanity wants to formulate a twentieth century philosophy, we need to pay heed to twentieth century history.

McCarraher easily gains an audience as many Americans have often shown a predilection for Socialism often based on misguided, guilt-prompted notions of idealism “for the poor,” coexisting with an embellished and often rebellious critique of the nation’s system of capitalism as being evil because it’s “mostly for the rich.” Advocating for equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities remains the great snare of Socialism camouflaged in notions of redistribution of wealth. In this modern era, it’s recorded that nearly half the nation’s students believe that socialism is an acceptable form of social and economic order for this country.

Historically, the Socialist movement in America is not new It was imbedded as early as in the days of the original, founding colonies. When the colonist’s socialist experiment resulted in hopeless and dismal failure, a switch to capitalism energized the eventual recovery and remarkable survival of the colonies.

McCarraher virtually ignores or largely minimizes the great commentaries on Capitalism of the great thinkers like Paul Johnson, P.T. Bauer, Thomas Sowell, Richard John Neuhaus, and others (several of whom are not Christian), compiled by Franky Schaeffer in a book entitled “Is Capitalism Christian?” Crossway Books 1985.

Among the most notable, was an essay by the late, famed, lay Catholic theologian/ philosopher Michael Novak entitled The Ideal of Democratic Capitalism, taken from his book The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism (Simon and Schuster, 1982). While all the authors acknowledge the deficiencies of Capitalism as not being a perfect system, they ratify that it surpasses all other systems by far, including Socialism with all its rigid controls and stifling regulations.

Capitalism excels by recognizing the inherent worth, creativity, and work production of the individual, by releasing the citizen to greater enjoyment of freedoms and rewards through incentives, by the universal characteristic rise from poverty through the typical financial upward mobility of the worker, and by allowing for grievance corrections and reforms for the worker and for his workplace.

While several nations do have socialist programs without necessarily a socialist economy, they do differ widely from the U.S. in lack of diversity and in the size of their populations. Finland, perhaps the only truly successful socialist nation on the globe, has a population 1/60th the size of the US. and a remarkably homogenous society.

Sadly, with the passing of the brilliance of men like Michael Novak, the Mind Molders in Academia like Professor McCarraher seemingly have a clear path to go unchallenged in their Socialist radicalism not only in Catholic circles but academia-wide, enhancing support for the undemocratic and often radical economic notions of the Democratic Party, Sanders, and his disciples.

Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”
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Why Eating More Chicken Isn’t Enough!

Can you imagine that this country has become a place where the homosexual community has the clout to shut down airports and college campuses from issuing franchises to a wholesome company like Chick-Fil-A for no reason other than that they believe in the religious truth of traditional marriage?

Our politicians and the activism of our judiciary are decreeing an attack on rightly protected religious belief in our country, while weakening legal protections for marriage by creating a non-constitutional protected class in the LGBTQ community.

The LGBTQ community is so protected by “positivistic” law it can initiate malicious boycotts, and bankrupting lawsuits against Christians, religious groups, small family businesses and social groups with impunity, without fear of being charged with their sinister form of social tyranny and hate crimes.

Positivistic law imposes political correctness on the public through dictatorial politics rather than ethics, morals, justice, or natural law. Individual freedom is quashed by their intolerance, controlling power, and their sympathizing, hostile forces of media, academia, and celebrities that wage war against religious and political liberties. Ignoring the constitutional protections of the people is routine as they willingly oblige the dictates of their like-minded financial supporters. This type of law is what upholds the LGBTQ as a protected class, in attacking religious belief as only a cover-up for discrimination. Thus, freedom of religion, as expressed in the belief of traditional marriage, though constitutionally protected, is overruled.

The usual response of people of faith and most conscientious citizens to these menacing attempts by the homosexual community, activist judges, and spineless politicians in their suppression of religious and public freedoms, has been to respond with added patronage and increased business toward a company like Chick-Fil-A. While increasing its revenue through added patronage is highly commendable and supportive of Chick-Fil-A, the generous action of “eating more chicken” does not really get to the root of the problem – the imposition of rigid, dictatorial, political correctness on the people while unjustly  favoring protected groups like the LGBTQ.

Unless our political leaders, conscientious citizens, and people of faith become stouthearted in reversing these contemptible corrosions of our customs, culture, and freedoms, we could witness a new holocaust that may not be far off. The “gates of hell,” after all, are stationary. The promise is that they will not prevail under righteous outrage and action. Prayer is a weapon. But even Moses faced a time when he got off his knees and got the people moving. We have the glorious March for Life and March for Racial Equality. What is needed now is a March for Freedom and a March to Vote the Tyrants Out!

Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion.”
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A friend of mine when speaking of politics refers to those of the Democratic Party as “Dems” and of the Republican Party as “Repubs.” When he does that, I’m always driven to wonder if “Dems” is the actual root word for “Demons.” I’m not saying that the “Dems” are “Demons” but they sure do seem to be doing the Demons work.

The “Dems” as you know actually had the name of God removed from their party platform in 2012. One mention of God was reinstated only when the Repubs spent the next morning criticizing the Dems for removing God from their party platform before the elections. Still, when the one reference to God was reinstated, it was met with resounding boos and chaos on their convention floor. The Repubs platform mentioned God 12 times.

The Dems, of course, are the ones who have pushed for the redefinition of marriage to be something other than between a man and woman though nature, biology, anatomy, logic, the Bible, and the historical record of the human existence declares otherwise. One wonders why a Christian baker is compelled to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple at the risk of losing his business when a homosexual baker can refuse to bake a cake for Christians. And now we have the specter of the Dems full-on assault on traditional religion with their affirmation of Humanism as their approved godless religion.                                                                 https://www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/democrats-pass-resolution-applauding-nonreligious-americans-criticizing-churchgoers.html

The Dems, too, through some of their leaders, would like to redefine religion as belief that is based on their preferences, and political expediencies. Nancy Pelosi, for one, feels no reserve in lecturing the Pope on his defense of the right-to-life and for upholding traditional marriage. She seems to be OK with her Dem party leaders who advocate late term abortion up until birth and even allowing born survivors of botched abortions to die by withholding life support feeding and care. You probably know that 177 Dems voted against a bill in the House of Representatives that would have protected and forbidden the killing of newborn babies who survive abortions. In Virginia, we even have a pediatric-physician governor who has advocated that same Dem policy.

And it is the Dems, who declare that videos ought to be condemned that exposed the practices of Planned Parenthood in the marketing of body parts of aborted fetuses, rather then condemn what the videos reveal about the heinous practices of Planned Parenthood.

How the Dems can be O.K. with attempts to abolish our homeland protective I.C.E. agency, while ignoring the dangers posed by MS-13 criminal gangs, sanctuary cities, the illegal crossings of our borders, “resistance” protestors and thugs – and even encouraging them, seeking means to eliminate the Electoral College safeguards in our national elections, and even the Constitution is some cases, and advocating socialism over capitalism, is surely mystifying from a national security and love of country standpoint. Shockingly, Dems Tim Kaine, Abigail Spanberger, and Debra Rodman of Virginia fall in with that suspicious crowd.

It’s hard for me to understand why, from a moral standpoint, anyone questions how someone can support President Trump when he champions every issue I support. The President supports low taxes, national security, strong military, our NATO partners increasing their share of costs, the rule of law, support for law enforcement, appointment of constitutional judges, legal immigration, increased border surveillance with a wall, jobs at every level for every people group, a booming economy with millions elevated off food stamps and unemployment at a 50-year low, unmatched return of U.S. hostages, champion of free speech, 2nd amendment, religious freedom, right-to-life and the war on human trafficking, moved U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, support for Israel, improved trade agreements to be more fair to USA; cancelled the Iran agreements, the war on ISIS, and so on, all according to his promises. So based on his awesome successes in such an incredibly short time, I’ve come to trust him on even on some issues I might not yet totally understand. Despite the media claims, none of the Dem’s lame, primary candidates has the same vision and fortitude. I believe President Trump has been a God-send for the protection of our nation. I’ve had enough of those Dems. I’m sticking with Trump, the Repubs and prayers.
Joe Rogowski
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So Now…Shall We Point Fingers

It is within the realm of possibility that the rhetoric of the Liberal, Progressive Democratic Party has contributed to these recent mass shootings with their venomous rhetoric that has been poisoning our culture for the last two and half years.
From the likes of Nany Pelosi’s urging “resistance,” to Maxine Waters’ inflaming “get in their face,” to former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s rabble-rousing “take it to the streets,” to now a host of ambitious presidential wanabees, we have seen an unprecedented agitation toward public wanton, rebellious, aggressive, violent behavior.

It is well documented that main line Democrat/Liberal leaders such as Pelosi, Waters, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Andrew Cuomo, and countless others may have incited this behavior with their incendiary calls for “resistance” against the present administration, its citizen proponents, its voters and followers, ranking office holders and their families, police enforcement, border patrol agents, and even against religious and conservative thought and leaders. They virtually sanction the disruptive tactics of such terror groups like Antifa, MS-13 and the militant Black Lives Matter.

Is it unrealistic to consider that our rash of domestic shootings flow from this stream of unending agitation through the megaphone of the media, that provoke individuals to enact their own form of “resistance,” “in your face,” “take it to the streets” actions to vent their frustrations, hatred and manic impulses on any of society’s targets?

But then there are those who suggest that it is the President’s rhetoric that has provoked this rash of shootings. His vernacular speech and rhetoric often deserves real criticism, for sure, much of which cannot be condoned. But it takes a cynical lack of intellectual integrity to regard the President’s tone and vision with the same moral equivalency as that foisted against him. Where in the breadth and width of our entire culture does the president have any media outlets that come to his defense on any issue?

These current reactionary movements that include not only his political opposition but academia, the arts and entertainment industry, mendacious media, and prodigal press portraying themselves as some kind of ennobled, patriotic “resistance,” are implicitly, by definition, “rebellion” in its raw and ugly form. They refuse to acknowledge that the President won his office by all legal and necessary lawful means. They refuse to acknowledge that he is leading the country in its wellbeing successfully in every category and index. They demonize his efforts to protect and enforce the security of our nation. In their gross selfishness and rage, their behavior can be characterized as rejection of all authority – rule of law, law enforcement, moral, religious, magistrate, logic, expert opinion, voter and legal judicial outcomes, universal and traditional heritage, and even a renunciation of true justice. Their actions can only be viewed as an anarchistic, hostile indifference to the looming, mortal impact on our societal harmony, successful social order, and national stability. Their lust for power flows without restraint. Resistance isn’t their strategy, rebellion is. Such is their pattern of contribution to the anguish and societal decline of our nation.
Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”
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The Rising Tide of LGBTQ Protests and Civil Terrorism

In our present day culture, daily reports of aggressive, militant, and violent action of groups or individuals, driven by an oppressive hostility and political correctness against our civil institutions, social order, people of faith, holders of opposing political views, and even ordinary school children, grow in such numbers, frequency, and cruelty that they can only be characterized as “civil terrorism.”

Nowhere is this seen more than in any of our public forums, and our political discourse and interactions on any given day on any given topic.

This accelerating rise of rebellious and selfish behavior of these groups borders on anarchical. Their intent is to generate passivity, timidity, and fear in targeted populations, like the Church, conservatives, people of faith and even law abiding citizens, for opposing their ideologies and to pressure them into submission and silence.

As of July, 2018, Brietbart news organization has compiled a list of over 600 instances of harassment, intimidation, coercion, and violent acts of every form against such targets as teenagers, seniors, veterans, even military, single women, clergy, and opposing political figures and their families. By news accounts, that list has grown appreciably since then.

It is well documented that main line Democrat/Liberal leaders such as Maxine Waters, former vice-presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Andrew Cuomo, Pelosi, and countless others have incited this crudity with their incendiary calls for “resistance” against the present administration, its membership, its citizen proponents, its voters and followers, ranking office holders and their families, and even against religious and conservative leaders and adherents. They virtually sanction the disruptive tactics of such terror groups like Antifa and MS 13, and the militant Black Lives Matter and abortion factions. Currently, without stop, they attempt to overturn the legitimate election of the President with failed allegations of misconduct at every level, domestic or foreign, under any pretext.

Who can forget Nancy Pelosi lecturing the Pope with her demented view on Christian doctrine and Lois Lerner’s IRS secret targeting of conservative groups. Planned Parenthood and its supporters, of course, carry on their own unique form of civil terror.

This despicable behavior snowballs and then gives boost to the simple-minded to spit on the President’s son and insult members of Congress in restaurants, harass President staffers while fulfilling their duties to say nothing of hoodlums taunting weaker folks in fast food places, out shopping in malls, or on strolls in parks. And who can forget the attack on Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, one of the most principled members of Congress, who was assaulted in his own back yard, suffering three broken ribs. He still suffers with some breathing difficulties. His terror stricken wife now carries a hand gun.

Among the most egregious occurrences of civil terror has been against students or school faculty on college campuses. Instances of violence or threats against conservative students – and sometimes even conservative professors – are becoming commonplace even at some of America’s most prestigious universities, now crumbling pillars of free expression and thought. Students advocating Right-to-Life issues  are attacked, beaten, and their campus displays savaged without equal protection.  A recent speech by former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’  at the formerly prestigious Northwestern University was disrupted by thuggery student protests. Sessions was brought to the Chicago-area school by a campus group, the Northwestern University College Republicans.

This trend is even seen expanding to the high school level. Is it unrealistic to consider that our rash of high school shootings flow within this stream of civil terrorism – students enforcing their own brand of “resistance” actions to express their hatred of society’s restraints on their selfish and demented whims?

Nothing reveals our culture’s civil terror more than that perpetrated by the homosexual/ transgender groups against ordinary Americans, not because of their political beliefs but because of their religious beliefs. As a protected class by positivistic, godless laws, LGBTQ groups use their power and influence to inflict unrestrained, catastrophic damage to ordinary citizens with attacks on their wage earning livelihoods and small businesses.  They threaten litigation against whole communities unsubmissive to their demands. Companies are pressured to drop their sponsorships of conservative TV programs.

Epitomizing this fractious behavior is the recent U.S. women’s World Cup soccer team, laden with lesbian/homosexuals, attacking the very foundations and principles of the country they’re supposed to represent while excluding players of opposing lifestyle views from qualifying for the team. In our punishing politically correct environment, with the protection of positivistic law, LGBTQs have the tools of control over societal personal freedoms, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. LGBTQ groups use their repressive and restrictive tactics to promote their own special interests and agenda with impunity, protected by laws unfounded and unchecked by religious influence and morals. Pastors and Christian activists known for protesting Drag Queen Story Hour events at libraries and abortion policies were recently ridiculed and mocked at a fundraiser for the abortion advocate, Planned Parenthood.


These current reactionary movements, nurtured by the mind molders of academia, the degenerate arts and entertainment industry, and the mendacious media that portray themselves as ennobled, patriotic “resistance” warriors, are implicitly, by definition, “rebellion” in its raw and ugly form. In their gross selfish and deranged mentality, their behavior is the specious rejection of all authority – moral, religious, magisterial, rule of law, law enforcement, logic, expert opinion, voter and legal judicial outcomes, universal and traditional heritage, and even a renunciation of true justice. On a national level, they refuse to acknowledge that the President won his office by all legal and necessary lawful means. They refuse to acknowledge that he is leading the country in its wellbeing successfully in every category and index.

The hostile actions of these groups can only be viewed as an ultimate indifference or even consent to the looming, mortal, disastrous impact on our societal harmony, successful social order, and national stability. Their selfishness and lust for power flows without restraint. Resistance isn’t their strategy, rebellion is. Their method is civil terrorism. And they enjoy the virtual sanction of the Democratic Party with its financial supporters, our liberal, extremist organizations, and our activist, biased judiciary.

Joe Rogowski
“Life is a special occasion”
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Is Our Humanity Being Exploited?

One can have a hard time understanding how any caring parent could contemplate putting their children at risk by coming here illegally to break the law when they know the zero-tolerance policy that is in place and its enforcement so widely announced. What irresponsibility on the part of parents are we willing to condone, excuse, and reward in allowing them to use their own children as gambling chips and leverage in this whole movement to circumvent and subvert our laws? These parents are not only illegals but aren’t they criminally derelict and abusive toward their children in handling and exposing them this way?

And how is it possible for these supposed “asylum seekers” from Guatemala and Honduras, for example, to traverse 2,500 miles of Mexican territory to reach our borders when, if they’re in need of asylum, they have had it the minute they cross into Mexico? Or is it that they demand the luxury of deciding where and how they’re going to attain their asylum and snub the asylum that is readily available right at the border in Mexico – a setting and environment more culturally and linguistically appropriate?

Then too, how is it they are able to make those long arduous trips? Who is supplying their food, medical needs, transport, housing, etc., and moving them along vast distances with the prospects of reaching our borders to pressure and weaken our resources and national security? What human trafficking arrangement are they operating under? MoveOn.org? Or the DNC? Or the Clinton Foundation? Or is Mexico in collusion by facilitating this trafficking?

Most of us are familiar with the call of Jesus to help the poor and some of us have spent a measurable amount of time trying to do that. Obscuring the real issue of national security by ignoring the potential for law-breaking behavior, drug smuggling, camouflaged criminal element, and terror inherent in these population movements, while attempting to promote seedbeds of guilt with emotional pitch among law-abiding and well-intentioned folk is disingenuous.

Sinister forces would attempt to prevail on us to give…give…and give until we give away our ability to give. It would lessen our strength and ability for good in this world and be a form of national suicide. Forces that understand our respect for life and human dignity set out to exploit our humanity by fabricating and manipulating situations to goad feelings of guilt in us to weaken our will and have us yield on our realistic warranties for safety, security, and surety for our loved ones, our nation and posterity. It is fitting, proper, lawful, and essential to have safeguards and expect orderly and legal entry into our country.

Love,                                                                                                                                                    Joe Rogowski                                                                                                                                      “Life is a special occasion”                                                                                                                              Hallmark Corporation

The Mendacious Media

Burl Ives, the renowned folk singer, notable for having recorded over 100 albums and popular singles such as Have a Holly Jolly Christmas and Ghost Riders in the Sky, gave a memorable performance as “Big Daddy,” in the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

In the movie, Ives’ “Big Daddy” character, irritated by the chronic discord in his family, becomes absorbed with the word “mendacity,” in what he sees as the habitual deceit and lying that goes on, routinely, not only in his family, but in life in general. Mendacity can be so thick, he says, one can smell it, as a pungent odor.

Our national Media, at low depths in public opinion, seem indifferent to the loathing as they continue to jam public awareness with their bias and ideologies, and even hatred. If it’s not the paparazzi, it’s contentious reporters or commentators demanding that national and public figures submit to their boorish demands, not for truth, but in their attempts to humiliate. Public servants, their families, and their supporters become targets of the biased, partisan press, so base as even to search for “dirt” on the wife of recent Supreme Court appointee Kavanaugh. Ann Navarro of CNN had no hesitation to disgracefully ridicule the president’s wife, Melania. 

This spirit of Mendacity has agitated our liberal, leftist media to produce an array of discredited, so-called experts, with dubious integrity and specious motives on their network talk shows. Their sole purpose is to foment resistance to our government, not for holding it accountable to the nation, but for self-interest and  to smear leaders in power, while encouraging lawless, anarchistic, violent protesters like Antifa and Black Lives Matter to help their causes. One can smell the mendacity. It has been on the rise for some time now.

Not too long ago, former respected icons of the field, most notably Dan Rather and Charlie Rose of CBS, Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams of NBC have lost credibility and suffered career upsets for less than truthful reporting. The BrianWilliams, after blundering through some math questions suggesting that Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million campaign spending worked out to $1 million for each one of the 327 million people in the United States, insulted Dr. Birx, one of our country’s main leads on the Covid-19 crisis, insinuating she was protecting the President in his deficiencies in managing the crisis. Dan Rather, in an incredibly naïve attempt to discredit the military service of George W. Bush, brought his ivory tower down upon himself with his fabricated story. Sadly, Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose admitted to the media’s utter failure, indifference, and lack of due diligence in vetting Obama, a virtual unknown at the time, and later not probing into the rising scandals in the Obama administration. NBC admitted to staging a fake crash test with the resultant fire of a General Motors pickup truck to discredit GM on one of their news programs for which they paid a hefty sum for the lawsuit settlement. Earlier mentioned notable personality of that news division, Brian Williams, was suspended from the network for lying in a resume on having been shot at in covering a military helicopter mission in Iraq. Worse still, none of the networks went into any depth on Hillary Clinton’s boastful, false claim that she had been shot at by a sniper on a visit to Bosnia.

In very recent reporting on the Covid-19 crisis , in order to reek panic on the American people,  CBS News was found to be using video footage from an Italian hospital to describe prevailing conditions in New York. The Media Menace has become so unbalanced  and unfair one can smell it.

In a shocking and in almost unprecedented audacity CNN, along with six other far-left media outlets (the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Politico, the New York Times, NBC and the Associated Press) had sued for the release of the names and home addresses of all of the jurors in the trial of Paul Manafort, former advisor to President Trump. As Bre Payton at The Federalist pointed out, “publicly outing the names and home addresses of jurors is considered ethically questionable, as outlined in the Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press.” It is malicious to expose jurors to the public spotlight against their will when they don’t volunteer, they are summoned and selected. It was a vulgar attempt by the media, most especially CNN, to bully and intimidate private, everyday citizen-jurors into reaching a verdict that was more to their liking. (John Nolte-Breitbart News 8/17/2018). Mendacity is all around us.

The impact journalism and the media has made on our national growth and progress has been vital and certainly the nation owes past journalistic efforts an enormous debt of gratitude. Times have changed, however, as Mollie Hemingway, formerly of The Federalist, now of Hillsdale College, contradicts the myth that President Trump’s demeanor created this hostile climate in the media, by rightly declaring that it wasn’t the president that created this media vulgarity, it was the media’s vulgarity that gave rise to the advent of Donald Trump. Indeed, countless other prevarications go on incessantly on media TV news, interview, and talk shows.

To be better informed, in the interest of the nation, for further reference – just released: Unmasked: Big Media’s War against Trump – By L.Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham. Reveals the vicious lies and shocking deceits perpetrated against all Americans by the media. Do check this out….https://w3.newsmax.com/General/Platinum/Offers/Unmasked-Platinum?dkt_nbr=070103iahlqt NewsMax publishes books under the imprint of Humanix Books.                                                                                                                             Love, Joe Rogowski                                                                                                                                “Life is a special occasion”                                                                                                                     Hallmark Corporation                                                                                                                                 http://www.mindingthetimes.com